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My Browser Detects TROJAN or VIRUS Attack!

It's said that a website have a Trojan or something like virus. Here are my opinion about this case:

  1. It's impossible for ads network to have auto install software to your device and your device has its own protection system. You need to click any install instruction,  something like "ok"  button or similar,  but it's in your hand control and it's your own choice to install it or not.
  2. All ads networks which are used in a website can be found on privacy policy page. They have a very good and high quality program to accept advertisers. Ofcourse they will reject any bad advertisers and especially websites those contains viruses and/or trojans.
  3. When you choose coinhive as a captcha,  it will eat your device power,  so sometimes it is defined as a trojan for some operating system defender software, but for now we only use recaptcha and sometimes change to solvemedia.
  4. Browser with an active adblocker will show blank space or it will show you an attention note,  so you need to deactivate it. This will help you to explore the entire website contents.
  5. Access site with secure connection only from https, if not using it while the website is secure,  so the browser will give an attention sign,  this is why you can not connect properly to the site.

Thank you and hope this article helpfull :) 

Published on: 12/29/18, 3:22 PM